No Required Masks for Lakota Local Schools. Keep Masks Optional.

  • We currently have 1058 signatures!
  • Lakota students, parents and school community members can sign the petition to allow for Freedom of Choice when it comes to school masking! Our kids have a
  • Let Matt Miller and the school board know that your voice and rights as a student or parent WILL BE HEARD! Every time someone signs this petition, Matt Miller and all board members receive a new e-mail acknowledging your refusal of this mandate. So let your voices ring loud and clear! After all when our children are being asked to wear a medical device for 8 hrs. a day, it is their right to say, “Our Body, Our Choice!”
  • Join us daily at 9am to protest the mandate Lakota Local School District Offices @ 5572 Princeton Rd, Liberty Twp., OH 45011
  • Show up for the very important Lakota School Board Meeting on Monday, August 23rd at 6:30pm being held at Lakota Plains Junior School (5500 Princeton Road, Liberty Township, Ohio). We hear there is going to be a board vote on the mask mandate so we need everyone there! Please note: location can change so please check-in here for any changes to time or location. We are counting on all of you to show your support!